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Jogjakarta, DIY, Indonesia
Thedeo Mix Blood is an independent arts groups that are engaged in experimental art, with the implementation of the action on the fine art projects, puppet theater, children workshops, until acssesories production. Thedeo counted only turns three years old (until 2011). That characterize the works produced Thedeo stitches are not uniform, which seemed very expressive, naive and even hyperbole in any form.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Between Octopus And Fashion

Octopus : still with the subconscious is talking about fantasy, something that is not real and things that happen yet though. octopus with a strange shape as well with the drenched colors remain standing with dignity, without having to surrender by the elegance under the seas and oceans.

Barbie Fashion : makeup, nice clothes, expensive shoes, or just skin care, all recorded in a single Barbie doll body. There Alexander Mc Queen who always fly with a super fantasy dream magnificent, also Lady Gaga is always singing in the pieces of drawings. I combine it all in a frame without a photographic print, without moving my hands to play the camera. just play Barbie bodies that I collated