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Jogjakarta, DIY, Indonesia
Thedeo Mix Blood is an independent arts groups that are engaged in experimental art, with the implementation of the action on the fine art projects, puppet theater, children workshops, until acssesories production. Thedeo counted only turns three years old (until 2011). That characterize the works produced Thedeo stitches are not uniform, which seemed very expressive, naive and even hyperbole in any form.


Monday, July 11, 2011


First day of the workshop. Very tiring. But it all must be endured ... huff .. need extra supplements. increasingly aware that every child has the privilege of each, which is very unique and nothing similar to each other.

The trip was really cold night, like an octopus floating on the sea floor. uuh .... while the brain continues to imagine many things have happened, even that yet though. Back to the topic before, earlier that afternoon Thedeo give us the workshop if the workshop should be honest this is too absurd, meaning the participants, but still create an experience for us. Like a little research on the psychology of human diversity, especially the children .. special.